Castelyn and Associates was established in 2012 with the focus on being on a close relationship with all our business clients. When the founder Richard Castelyn decided to leave his previous firm and establish  “Castelyn & Associates” most of his clients relocated their business accounts with him. This was due to the personal relationships that were built up over the years. In a short period of time the firm has built a strong reputation for being an employee-centric organisation through integrity-driven principles, sought after expertise, and specialisation across multiple services and industries.  

Castelyn & Associates is your business/company’s independent CFO – your qualified Accountant and Professional Tax Practitioner at a fraction of the normal cost.

Your accountant should be your most trusted advisor. Castelyn & Associates are ready to help you, and your company through any challange that life brings.  We are not the corporate firm with employees in suits and ties where no one knows who you are. We are however the professional firm where you can check in and discuss your business over a cup of coffee.

Castelyn & Associates is the connecting point of moving your business forward. We have the capacity to handle every need from basic accounting, to complex accounting and tax structures with intense labour requirements.  We are good at what we do, and we enjoy doing it! We pride ourselves on being up to date with current technologies while we service clients all over South Africa!


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